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Pets Are Good For You!

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A few years ago I was chatting to a man on a train. ‘Did you know that pets are good for you?’, I asked him. I went on to describe the benefits of keeping pets.  I explained how relaxing it is to stroke a purring cat, how much easier it is to go for a […]


Facts About Dog Fleas

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At our veterinary practice, everybody is used to dealing with emergencies. The peaceful steady procession of routine appointments is often disturbed by the sudden arrival of a seriously ill animal. Road accidents, convulsions, heart attacks and dog fight injuries can occur at any time. The reception staff know that they can interrupt the vet from […]

Story About Dog Chewing

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It was booster vaccination time for Butch, nothing about dog chewing basically. Butch was a Collie crossed dog. I was giving him an all-over health check. As I examined him, I asked his owner if there was anything she was particularly worried about.   ‘I’m a bit concerned about his feeding habits’ she told me. ‘He eats […]

Dog Temperature

How To Take Your Dog’s Temperature

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‘Now then, Rusty’, I told the little terrier. ‘Just relax for a moment while I take your temperature’. As I popped the thermometer into the dog’s rear end, I thought that perhaps it was just as well that animals do not understand human words. Dogs and cats would not appreciate advance knowledge of the fact […]

Why is an Identity Tag Necessary for your Dog?

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The car skidded as it pulled up outside our clinic door. The driver leapt out and rushed inside. ‘I’ve hit a dog, and he has no identity tag’, he stammered ‘ I think it’s dead’. We lifted the body from the  boot of his car, and I could see at once that the large cross-bred […]

Can Native Wildlife be Dangerous toward your Dog?

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Wildlife in Ireland and the U.K seems less than dangerous to the average domestic pet. In the wilderness of Africa, fierce wild animals roam the plains, looking for prey. In contrast, the Irish countryside is a safe haven, with no large bloodthirsty predators to threaten humans, dogs or cats. However, the native wildlife is not entirely […]

The Truth about Tail Docking

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Tail docking has become normal practice for certain breeds of dogs, but the tail of a dog is an under-rated appendage. In fact, the tail is often treated with such contempt by humans that a large number of tails are lopped off when a puppy is just a few days old. The procedure of tail […]

Why is My Dog Singing to Me?

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The man whispered to me – “You know, my dog sings to me”. As a vet, I have grown used to people entrusting me with certain confidences about their pet’s habits, but I hadn’t heard of any dog singing. The man went on to describe the dog would serenade him when he was feeling miserable. The […]