Missing Dog Found… With HouseMyDog Minder

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Missing Dog It was a sunny day in Dublin. A teenage dog walker was taking a stroll with a local dog (Daisy) in the park. Suddenly, two bigger dogs began to chase Daisy. She got away from her walker and fled the dogs and the park out of fear. Her family were distraught when they saw no […]

Great Parent picture

5 Tips On How To Be A Great Parent

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1. Great Parents Keep their Minder informed: Make sure as a parent that any prospective Minders have all the information they need before going through with a booking. It is imperative they have all info regarding your dogs special needs or behavioural issues to make sure they can give your pup the highest standard of […]

The importance of dog socialisation

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Socialising puppies to new people, other dogs and environments is incredibly important for puppies’ development and to avoid behavioural issues in later life. Puppies go through their fear imprinting stage between 8-12 weeks, making this window a vital time to provide them with positive experiences with new people, dogs and environments in order to help […]