12 Photos of Dogs And People Hugging

12 Photos Of Dogs And People Hugging

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Lets face it, after 2016 we all need a good hug! Well who better to give it than mans best friend? Check out 12 photos of dogs and people hugging! 1. Best friends forever   2. Lets just have a moment.   3. Why make friends when you have me?   4. Don’t go!   […]

Taking a New Puppy to the Vet

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The Byrne family arrived at the clinic with their first puppy. It was a pleasure to see the delight in the children’s faces as they carried in their new friend; they had been looking forward to this day. Tiggy was a seven week old Cavalier King Charles puppy, who appeared to be a little overawed […]

What to do if Your Pet is Poisoned

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Poisoning is often seen in pets. Animals, and dogs in particular, eat anything which looks appealing. Animals do not pause and think: ‘Could this be poisonous?’ Poisoning can be accidental or deliberate. The latter is rare, but when an animal is deliberately poisoned, it is especially distressing. Usually, the poison is hidden in an attractive […]

October Minder of the Month

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Congratulations to Christiane C., the HouseMyDog ‘Minder of the Month’ for October! With her wonderful profile (from following our profile improvement tricks) – 4 Paws Buddies – and the great care and attention she has given to guest dogs, this Minder has made herself popular with parents and more importantly, their dogs.   How Did […]

The Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming

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When people talk about exercising their dog, the go-to activity is usually walking (or running in the case of the animal). Swimming is another great way of keeping fit for animals, but it has not yet caught on as a popular pet pastime – you don’t hear people saying ‘ I’m just off to swim […]

What to do if there is a tick on your Dog

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Ticks are tiny blood sucking parasites, close relatives of spiders. They have complicated lifecycles, and are not very active for most of the year. However, in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, there are sudden ‘rises’ in their numbers and activity. Thousands of tick larvae, which are nearly invisible, climb up on grass stems and other […]

4 Ways to Improve Your HouseMyDog Profile Part 2

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HouseMyDog now has thousands of dog owners looking for sitters every month. To help your profile stand out from the crowd and get you as many bookings as possible we have a few more simple tips to help you out. Photos Photos have a huge influence on how dog owners perceive the potential sitters for their […]

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

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Summer is officially here and things are heating up. For all of us dog lovers this means it’s time for shorts, sunglasses and ice-cream. While we can easily strip down to cool off, things are not so simple for our canine friends. Dogs can easily suffer from overheating in summer, especially those breeds with a […]