October Minder of the Month

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Congratulations to Christiane C., the HouseMyDog ‘Minder of the Month’ for October! With her wonderful profile (from following our profile improvement tricks) – 4 Paws Buddies – and the great care and attention she has given to guest dogs, this Minder has made herself popular with parents and more importantly, their dogs.   How Did […]

What to do if there is a tick on your Dog

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Ticks are tiny blood sucking parasites, close relatives of spiders. They have complicated lifecycles, and are not very active for most of the year. However, in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, there are sudden ‘rises’ in their numbers and activity. Thousands of tick larvae, which are nearly invisible, climb up on grass stems and other […]

4 Ways to Improve Your HouseMyDog Profile Part 2

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HouseMyDog now has thousands of dog owners looking for sitters every month. To help your profile stand out from the crowd and get you as many bookings as possible we have a few more simple tips to help you out. Photos Photos have a huge influence on how dog owners perceive the potential sitters for their […]

Dog Howling

How Do I Stop My Dog Howling

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Howling is a form of communication that is used by dogs for several reasons including; to attract attention, to make contact with others, to announce their presence or in response to high-pitched sounds. Before we list ways of stopping your dog howling excessively, certain things should be ruled out first. Separation Anxiety Howling This is […]

Dog pulling the leash

6 ways to stop your dog pulling the leash

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Walking on a leash is not a natural action for a dog. They are not born knowing that they should not walk ahead or lag behind. They have to be taught nicely that pulling on the easy is bad doggie behaviour. Dogs are excitable and love exploring new things, so teaching them leash manners can […]

Minder Penny N

Minder of the Month – March

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Congratulations to Penny N – the HouseMyDog ‘Minder of the Month’ for March! With her exceptional profile (from following our profile improvement tricks), this Pup-Loving Pet Sitter has proved to be one of the best carers to Doggys and Parents alike!   How Did She Do It? Penny proved to be an exceptional doggy minder, providing love and care for […]

Dogs_Human Emotions

Dogs Can Detect Human Emotions

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New research suggests that dogs respond uniquely to tears. Whether or not pets actually have empathy for human emotions is less clear. A study was published online on May 30th in the Journal of Animal Cognition, University of London. This study found that dogs are more likely to approach a crying person over a humming […]

Minder of the Month January

Minder of the Month – Laura M

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Congratulations to Laura M – the HouseMyDog ‘Minder of the Month’ for January! With her exceptional profile (from following our profile improvement tricks), this Waggy Mama has proved to be one of the best carers to Doggys and Parents alike! Read on to find out what she has won as our first ‘Minder of the Month’. […]

New Year Resolution Dog

Rekindle Your New Years Rrrrrrresolutions

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We are now into the beginning of February and research shows that almost 90 percent of New Year’s resolutions are already history.   New Year Exercise Inspiration New Years resolutions might not seem as appealing as they did when made by a warm Christmasy fire. If you (like the rest of us) indulged exactly the […]