Facts About Dog Fleas

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At our veterinary practice, everybody is used to dealing with emergencies. The peaceful steady procession of routine appointments is often disturbed by the sudden arrival of a seriously ill animal. Road accidents, convulsions, heart attacks and dog fight injuries can occur at any time. The reception staff know that they can interrupt the vet from […]


Missing Dog Found… With HouseMyDog Minder

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Missing Dog It was a sunny day in Dublin. A teenage dog walker was taking a stroll with a local dog (Daisy) in the park. Suddenly, two bigger dogs began to chase Daisy. She got away from her walker and fled the dogs and the park out of fear. Her family were distraught when they saw no […]

Dog Howling

How Do I Stop My Dog Howling

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Howling is a form of communication that is used by dogs for several reasons including; to attract attention, to make contact with others, to announce their presence or in response to high-pitched sounds. Before we list ways of stopping your dog howling excessively, certain things should be ruled out first. Separation Anxiety Howling This is […]

Dog pulling the leash

6 ways to stop your dog pulling the leash

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Walking on a leash is not a natural action for a dog. They are not born knowing that they should not walk ahead or lag behind. They have to be taught nicely that pulling on the easy is bad doggie behaviour. Dogs are excitable and love exploring new things, so teaching them leash manners can […]

Minder of the Month

April Minder of the Month

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Congratulations to Ruby S. – the HouseMyDog ‘Minder of the Month’ for April! With her exceptional profile (from following our profile improvement tricks), this Minder from the Happy Paws Hotel has proved to be exceptional in the eyes of pups and parents alike!   How Did She Do It? Ruby proved to be a wonderful Doggie Minder, providing time and space a plenty […]

How a Dog Can Help Your Child

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Raising a child is hard even at the best of times and any help is greatly appreciated. Though they aren’t the first thing most parents consider regarding child-raising, dog’s can offer plenty; from lessons on friendship and communication to health benefits. A recent study in Rome revealed how children prefer dogs to all other animals. This […]

Dangerous Food Infograph

6 Dangerous Foods for your Dog

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  Some of you may be thinking of giving a little extra treat to your beloved Doggie. Be careful, treats that you may find delicious at the meal table, won’t always be as safe for man’s best friend. Let’s take a look at 6 dangerous foods for our dog.   1. Raisins   Raisins affect […]

Meet and Greet tips for Parents and Minders

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Meet and Greet The HouseMyDog team recommends all users arrange a Meet & Greet before their pups stay with a new Minder. This will give you and your dog the opportunity to get acquainted with the Minder and resident dogs, and to discuss important details regarding the stay. Meet & Greets should initially be held […]