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Minder of the Month January
Congratulations to Laura M – the HouseMyDog ‘Minder of the Month’ for January! With her exceptional profile (from following our profile improvement tricks), this Waggy Mama has proved to be one of the best carers to Doggys and Parents alike! Read on to find out what she has won as our first ‘Minder of the Month’. We were also really lovely and threw in the 5 key criteria to helping you win the next ‘Minder of the Month’ award. 🙂




What does the Minder of the month get?


The HouseMyDog Profile Makeover: 

The Minder of the Month gets a package of 10 professional photographs of their home and surrounding area. With our internal research we have discovered that this can boost bookings by up to 35%.

 The HouseMyDog Three Step Promotion:

a)     Your own HouseMyDog business cards – so you can promote your own boarding.
b)     Your own unique discount code – offer any Dog Parents a 10% discount at your leisure.
c)     HouseMyDog will promote your profile in our newsletter – Boosting Dog traffic & bookings.


How can I become the next Minder of the Month?


The Minder of the Month is selected by 5 key criteria:
a) The completeness of your HouseMyDog Profile.
b) The number of views to your houseMyDog profile.
c) Your response times to Dog Parent’s enquiries.
d) Your boarding rating and feedback.
e) Personal recommendations from Dog Parents who have chosen your boarding.


For more information about becoming the next HouseMyDog Minder of the Month contact the HouseMyDog support team at support@housemydog or call us on 01 280 9550


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