Dogs & babies

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dog and newborn baby


The arrival of a new baby changes the whole routine of a home. All parental efforts and attention are focused on child care. In the beginning, it can be very difficult for the dog to
understand these changes, therefore, it is important to make this transition as easy as possible to avoid suffering and rejection.


While still in the hospital, clean clothes should be brought into direct contact with the baby. Take those clothes home, and place them in area where your dog likes to spend time, such as under a feeding bowl, next to its toys, or near a sleeping mat. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and contact with the cloths will begin to familiarise your dog with the smell of the baby and relate that smell with pleasurable activities like eating, playing and sleeping.


Upon arriving at home, act naturally but avoid direct contact between the dog’s muzzle and the baby. It is best that this approach happens gradually, according to the acceptance and
tranquility of the dog. Also avoid abrupt changes in the animal’s routine. Walks and play time should continue at the same intensity as before the arrival of the baby, to avoid anxiety and destructive or unwanted behaviour.


With each passing day security will increase and chances are that the relationship between dog and baby will grow stronger. The coexistence between dogs and children is very
beneficial for both, and it can and should be encouraged. However, even if it is an extremely docile and affectionate animal, the contact between the puppy and the baby should always
be supervised to avoid accidents!
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  1. Mary Nielsen says:

    Excellent article! My friends recently went through the dog adoption process with the newborn. They did some of the things you wrote here but most of the people simply don’t know what to do.

    It is important to make such atmosphere in the house which will not bring the dog down but to include him with the baby activities. That way the new child will get to form a bond with the dog which will create the best of friends!

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