The Top 10 Smartest Dogs

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Can’t figure out that maths equation? Not a pawblem! 1. Border Collie Due to their incredible intelligence and high energy, it is vital to give border collies an occupation or purpose, or you may find that your home is a mess upon return! They have an intense connection with humans, making them the perfect life companion. At the same […]

What does your dog really want?

What do dogs really want?

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What do dogs really want? We all want our dogs to be happy. Why shouldn’t they be when they make us so happy!!! While we may not be able to get them to fill out a questionaire we can take note of when they thrive and what triggers that positivity change.Nutritious Food . Picking your dogs food can […]

Dog Howling

How Do I Stop My Dog Howling

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Howling is a form of communication that is used by dogs for several reasons including; to attract attention, to make contact with others, to announce their presence or in response to high-pitched sounds. Before we list ways of stopping your dog howling excessively, certain things should be ruled out first. Separation Anxiety Howling This is […]

Dog pulling the leash

6 ways to stop your dog pulling the leash

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Walking on a leash is not a natural action for a dog. They are not born knowing that they should not walk ahead or lag behind. They have to be taught nicely that pulling on the easy is bad doggie behaviour. Dogs are excitable and love exploring new things, so teaching them leash manners can […]

The importance of dog socialisation

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Socialising puppies to new people, other dogs and environments is incredibly important for puppies’ development and to avoid behavioural issues in later life. Puppies go through their fear imprinting stage between 8-12 weeks, making this window a vital time to provide them with positive experiences with new people, dogs and environments in order to help […]