Dogs & babies

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  The arrival of a new baby changes the whole routine of a home. All parental efforts and attention are focused on child care. In the beginning, it can be very difficult for the dog to understand these changes, therefore, it is important to make this transition as easy as possible to avoid suffering and […]

Dog Friendly Pubs in Dublin
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A pint just isn’t the same with out a paw. So here is a list of dog friendly pubs in Dublin!   1. MVP Since MVP opened on Clanbrassil street last year they’ve proudly proclaimed on their chalkboard outside that they are a dog friendly pub. They’re allowed inside and this could legitimately be considered […]

What does your dog really want?

What do dogs really want?

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What do dogs really want? We all want our dogs to be happy. Why shouldn’t they be when they make us so happy!!! While we may not be able to get them to fill out a questionaire we can take note of when they thrive and what triggers that positivity change.Nutritious Food . Picking your dogs food can […]

8 Top Tips To Give Your Dog a Gorgeous Glossy Coat

Tips to give your dog a shiny coat

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1.  Ensure protein is in their diet Here are some tips to give your dog a shiny coat. A lacklustre and dull coat is often the result of a poor diet or poor quality food. Like human hair a dog’s coat is made up of roughly 90% protein, so when a diet is deficient in protein […]

Top 5 celebrity look-a-like dogs!

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Ever looked at your pooch and went: “it kind of looks like…?” That’s exactly what we did here at HouseMyDog. For us all dogs are A-list celebrities but we have to admit that some dogs are a little bit more glamorous than others. We found some really cute celebrity look-a-like dogs on the internet and came […]

The Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming

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When people talk about exercising their dog, the go-to activity is usually walking (or running in the case of the animal). Swimming is another great way of keeping fit for animals, but it has not yet caught on as a popular pet pastime – you don’t hear people saying ‘ I’m just off to swim […]

Dogs_Human Emotions

Dogs Can Detect Human Emotions

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New research suggests that dogs respond uniquely to tears. Whether or not pets actually have empathy for human emotions is less clear. A study was published online on May 30th in the Journal of Animal Cognition, University of London. This study found that dogs are more likely to approach a crying person over a humming […]