4 Ways to Improve Your HouseMyDog Profile

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Your HouseMyDog.com profile has been approved and you are officially ready to begin boarding dogs. But why is no one clicking on your profile? The secret to getting the clicks coming your way is to improve your profile. We are happy to share with you 4 very simple tweaks that will help you improve your profile and get more clients looking at your account. Thank you to the wonderful Ciara M for letting us use her account for an example.




Profile Photos and Description

Our internal research has shown that customers are more at ease when they can visualize where they will be leaving their pup. Clients love to see YOU, your home, your pups, and if possible photos of a lovely park where you may be walking the prospective pooch.


Try to include the following for a very strong profile:

  • A profile photo of you
  • Photos of your dogs
  • Photos of your house and a local walking area
  • Your experience caring for dogs
  • Your availability (24/7 care?)
  • Rate of outdoor area
  • Children under 18 in the house
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Location
  • Property Type
  • Boarding Rate



For certain elements in the profile we administer green ticks and red crosses. Here are some examples of things you can put on the profile (once we have proved them of course!). Put yourself in your clients shoes, they are going to want to know that their puppy’s potential holiday home has been vetted.


Minders Credentials

Phone Interviewed – This will be automatically added to your profile once you have completed your phone interview with us and your profile has been made live. As reassuring as it is for prospective parents, every other live minder profile on HouseMyDog will have the same tick, so you might want to consider going a little bit further in order to stand out from the pack!


References – If you send us in copies of three pet sitting references you have received from people whose dogs you minded then we can add this badge to your profile. It works in a similar way to receiving reviews on your profile: the more parents see that other people recommend you, the more confident and less hesitant they will be to book with you!


Special Skills
1. Can you administer Medication? Whether it be oral, topical, or injected medication, some dogs have prescriptions for various conditions and administering their daily dose might be a vital part of taking care of the dog. Parents whose dogs have special medical requirements will appreciate knowing that their dog’s health will be taken care of.

2. Years caring for dogs? If you have been minding other people’s dogs for years then here is the place to shout about it! Parents will feel more confident about booking with you if they can see that you have plenty of experience taking care of dogs in your home. Even if you haven’t been minding dogs professionally, if you have ever owned a dog of your own then you will have very valuable experience in pet care, experience worth sharing!



After the stay, we prompt the doggy owner to write a great review about you. These have proved to be very eye catching to potential clients. The best way to ensure a good review is to keep your client updates with lots of photos of their beloved puppy’s stay. Even though we prompt the parent to give you a review after every stay, it can’t hurt to add a request of your own for a review when you speak to them. More positive reviews can only make your profile more awesome!


Be a responsive host

Keep an eye on your account and the email address that it is attached to. Job requests are only live for two days. Always make sure that you respond to general enquiries, meet and greet requests and reservation requests. If you know that you will be unavailable for upcoming dates, be sure to deactivate those dates on your HouseMyDog calender; it can be a waste of time for all involved when a parent attempts to message you or book with you for dates that you aren’t free on. (When you confirm a booking, HouseMyDog will automatically block out the proposed dates on your calender, so you don’t have to worry about doing this at every booking!)


Remember the better and more complete your profile is, the higher you rank and the more interesting your profile appears to potential clients.


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